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rod for my own back anyone???

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stilldazed Sat 17-Sep-11 20:03:17

I am currently spending around an hour every evening lieing in the bed next to my dd (28 months old) until she falls asleep. I or my DH have done this since she was little...and it's getting silly!

I have stuff to do in the evenings! me and DH are having dinner later and later every night and I can see I am falling into the same patern with DS (12 months old) it's not as bad as he goes to sleep more easily, but still some evenings I am in one room and DH is in the other just lieing there trying to get dcs to sleep and it just seems such a waste of an evening..we both work and don't have loads of evening time as it is.

At the moment it just seems unimaginable to put dd to bed say good night and close the door? how can I start to break this habit??

I also co sleep with both of them whilst DH is in the spare room this too has to stop but that is a whole other thread!!

please, please help!!

coffeewhitenosugar Sat 17-Sep-11 20:11:21

hi, I did sort of the same thing with dc 1 and it was taking longer and longer, so at 20 months I started to leave for short periods of time to 'wash up' 'cook dinner' etc (and then went back in) until dc accepted I was going out of the room and eventually I was able to just say goodnight and leave the room. I hope it works for you, if you are at all like me you really need your evenings just to relax a bit.

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