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9 months old still co-sleeping & breastfeeding throughout night, help!!!!

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PollyPeppa Thu 15-Sep-11 08:54:32

DS3 is still breastfed on demand, he also sleeps in our bed which was fine up intil about 2 weeks ago.

He now wakes throughout the night wanting the boob for comfort/to get him back to sleep. I don't think he can be hungry as he falls back to sleep after a small feed.

I'm so tired!!! He won't take a dummy, our older DC's both had one and it was great for sleep problems.

How should I go about getting him into his cot or is there something I can do to stop him waking so much?

PollyPeppa Thu 15-Sep-11 09:20:55


MustControlFistOfDeath Thu 15-Sep-11 10:56:21

My DS has always been a poor sleeper, won't take a dummy, fights sleep, gets overtired. He's slightly better now since some more teeth came through, he goes about 3.5 hrs between waking now which is a massive improvement on the 1.5 hrs at 6mo shock - is it possible that your DS is teething which has upset his previous routine?

I also co-sleep part of the night as I haven't got the energy to fight the 'going back into the cot' battle at 3am. I don't think he is actually hungry either as he eats really well during the day but he still wants to bf overnight.
I wish I could give you the magic answer...maybe then I would be able to get some sleep! I think the only thing I've been hanging onto is that one day he WILL sleep through the night. (He went 5 hrs one night recently grin )

Sorry I'm not of any help to you, but be assured you are not alone.

Zoidberg Thu 15-Sep-11 18:21:23

9 months? hmmm...erm, 2 and 5 months here blush bfing to sleep during the night, in my bed. In fact I've started bringing her in from her bed where she at least starts the night, bringing her in while she's asleep when I'm ready to go to bed as she goes longer before waking.

Sorry, no advice, but it goes in phases, it will get better, he'll sleep longer soon and if you want you could try the Pantley pull-off from No Cry Sleep Solution book to start moving towards not bf'ing to sleep.

Teething does seem to have been going on most of the last 2 years too. Just got one corner of one of the last 4 molars, so I think we're looking at restless sleep til the new year because of that (grim laugh). This too shall pass grin

Angel786 Tue 20-Sep-11 14:18:56

Ddis 9 mths and didn't sleep thru till 8 mths when I stopped bf.

She used to wake at 1am and I fed her, phased out the feeding and ahe slept through. Just picked her up, cuddled and ten out back down. Then stopped going in altogether.

Have you tried a comforter? Dd has the leapfrog dog which plays 20 mins lullabies while she nods off chewing the blanket it comes with?

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