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Anyone else put dc down for naps on their front?

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Jane7 Wed 14-Sep-11 17:55:17

I know it's not recommended but I've got a seven week old who will only nap in sling, which is fine, but every now and again, I really need to get cooking done for ds1 or just feel like my back needs a break and I've discovered that if I pop him on my bed on his tummy, he has a really good nap like that. It doesn't work at all if I put him down on his back. I keep a good eye on him. Has anyone else done this? Do you think it's really bad? He sleeps on his back at night.

RitaMorgan Wed 14-Sep-11 17:59:31

If you observe all the other guidelines (not too hot, in the same room as you, no duvets/pillows, firm mattress, don't smoke around him) then I reckon it's ok for a day time nap.

Jane7 Wed 14-Sep-11 18:04:01

thanks rita - glad someone doesn't think i'm a very bad mum. i;ve had a crappy week and its nice to have reassurance that the odd nap on front isn't the work of the devil

Incapinka Thu 15-Sep-11 02:02:45

I put DS on his front for day time naps. He is now 16 weeks but have been doing this for the last few months as he sleeps so much better. At night he sleeps on his side wedged in between rolled up towels and did this from day 5. He has never liked his back...

LittleMilla Thu 15-Sep-11 09:07:07

I started to put my ds (now 19 weeks) down at about that age for all sleeps. He's slept like that ever since. And I've felt SOOO guilty the entire time.

The research and advice is there for a reason (and I don't want to be flamed for encouraging you to do it!), but it's worked well for us. I have a happy, healthy and strong DS who is almost crawling already.

If I have another one that doesn't sleep well on their back I will do it again. It's a very personal choice though and you have to be prepared for lots of tutting and disapproving comments.

scrivette Sat 17-Sep-11 05:06:47

DS (11 weeks) naps far better on his front and at 6 am he gets a very windy bottom and so I turn him onto his front then and he sleeps through it. We have a moniter with a breathing sensor which helps to reassure me.

tiggyhop Sat 17-Sep-11 05:42:43

DS2 slept on his front from 6 weeks old - it was the only way he would sleep...

minicorrect Sat 17-Sep-11 05:45:48

We put DD down on her front for some daytime naps as she sleeps better that way. Always keep a close eye on her of course! In fact, yesterday, put her down on her back and left her for a moment to get a drink to come back to her face COVERED in puke (and her front and back and cot). Can't help but think this was more dangerous on her back than her front especially as she seems to choke a lot. It's all personal though and you do what you think is best. Just be sensible about it as advised by previous posters.

seeker Sat 17-Sep-11 05:48:42

I honestly think you should all reconsider- the research is completely unequivocal on the risks.

RitaMorgan Sat 17-Sep-11 11:05:36

I wouldn't trust a breathing sensor, but if it is just for short periods (naps) and you are awake and in the same room to watch the baby then I think the risk is low. Would never put a baby on their front at night or in a different room though.

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