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6MO always needing to be changed through the night?

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cheekyginger Tue 13-Sep-11 22:04:45

Hi all,

My DS is 5 MO and gets a clean nappy on just before his bottle at about 6.45 then bed. He gets a dream feed at 10.30, (no nappy change) and thats him till 7am. In the morning he has a big full nappy and tends to do a morning poo (sorry TMI!!), and he has never had nappy rash.

Now for my post......... i have a friend who has a 6 mo and seems really surprised that my LO doesn't get his nappy changed during the night. She changes his at 11pm then again at 3am as she feels its "really full" but it hasnt leaked.
She is knackered due to her broken sleep, and thought i would see what other people have experienced with this......

Have any of you experienced little boys that pee alot? Any super duper overnight nappies that i could recommend to her so she doesnt feel the need to change him? smile

sprinkles77 Tue 13-Sep-11 22:35:49

DS fills his nappies so thoroughly that the gel is inflated all the way to the top of the front! This is 13 hrs in one nappy. If she's worried I'd suggest go up a size at night time and make sure his willy is pointing down not up when the nappy is done up. Some people double nappy hmm. I think they all leak / over flow occasionally. DS is occasionally a bit damp in the morning. the risk of leaks reduces once the dream feed is dropped (about 6 months for DS).

cheekyginger Wed 14-Sep-11 09:19:09

Thanks for that sprinkles.... thats what i was thinking.

Can i ask you about dropping your dream feed?
My DS takes around 6-8 oz at his dream feed. Did you wait till your DS was on solids before reducing/stopping the DF? And did you just stop it suddenly or reduce it gradually?

Cheers smile

sprinkles77 Wed 14-Sep-11 13:24:01

Dropped dream feed at about suddenly at 6 months, once DS had started on animal protein. It was part of a concerted effort to get him to sleep 12 hours straight. We did controlled crying at the same time. Kill 2 birds with one traumatic stone! He is now 18 months and with a few exceptions has slept 8 - 8 every night since, through illnesses and teething. He actually started to drop it before then himself by taking less and less, and often pushing the bottle away. I think if yours still wants 6-8 oz I'd keep giving it to him, if you drop it before he is ready you might find you get woken in the small hours by a hungry baby. If you really want to drop it I would give him an early solids supper with animal protein at about 5.30, then a bath etc and 8oz (maybe of hungry baby formula) as late as you can get away with putting him to bed (maybe 7.30). Skip the dream feed then if he does wake give water. This assumes that he gets enough milk at his other feeds (I can't remember how much they are meant to have at that age). You might find he wakes earlier for morning milk at first. If he is still waking up really early after 3-4 days (say before 5.30 am and is starving he probably is not ready to drop the dream feed.

Lots of people will disagree with this, every one does it differently. You need to try something for at least 3-4 days to see if it is starting to work.

doblet Wed 14-Sep-11 13:37:13

dd leaked until we went up a nappy size. she now goes 7-7 without changing

marge2 Wed 14-Sep-11 13:43:52

I'd change DS if they woke up having done a poo. I never got up to check if they had pooed unless they woke up though. I wouldn't change if they woke for a feed and had ony weed during the night. Might have done if they had been in towelling nappies and not disposables.

Yes nappies were like balloons in the morning but they only had nappy rash when teething and poos were acid.

My mad neighbour used to change nappies in the daytime if her kids did even ONE wee. Barking!! She must have spent £ millions on Pampers.

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