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15 weeks old and cries to sleep

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cowboylover Mon 12-Sep-11 10:30:11

Looking for some advise please, starting to feel like I'm doing something wrong.

My DD is BF on demand and once she goes to sleep she's fine but it's getting her to sleep. In the day she only sleeps in the car or pushchair and won't lie in crib.

At every sleep she cries first. Last night it took 2 hours! She would feed and settle to sleep and the moment I lay her down she crys again.

Any ideas?! What works for you?

CountScoutula Mon 12-Sep-11 10:45:53

Gosh, I could have written this! My DD is 20 weeks and in the last week we've had exactly this problem. I'm afraid I've no advice, just empathy and will be watching with interest to pick up tips smile

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