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What am I doing wrong?!? 15 mnth dd always tired.

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gingerdead Sun 11-Sep-11 19:32:53

I'm spending yet another evening listening to my dd sing, chatter, squeal and jump up and down in her cot for over an hour after being put to bed. She's not crying it just sounds like she is doing anything and everything to keep from going to sleep. And this can carry on for over two hours. If I go in she just goes wild with happiness and cuddles/stroking her just get her more excited. Reading stories to her results in more excitement and giggles. So unless she gets upset I stay out.

She had been doing this for over 2 months now. Before this she would go straight to sleep. Someone did suggest it was developmental thing but for this long...?

Her routine is pretty much the same every day:

Wakes up between 7:30/8:00 and has a drink of milk.
Breakfast around 8:15/8:30.
Lunch is ideally about 11:30 as she starts to get pretty tired and then into bed for her nap around noon. The length of her nap can vary but is generally between 2 and 2.5 hours. Has milk and a snack when she gets up from her nap.
Dinner around 5 pm.
In the bath by 6:30 followed closely by bed following a story and cuddles so she is in bed by 7.

She has been having one nap for a few weeks now as when she had one in the morning (it was usually only half an hour) her afternoon one would never be longer than 45 minutes. By the time bedtime rolled around she was wild with tiredness (only a couple of deranged notches up the tiredness scale from where she is now) and still not getting to sleep any better...

On the rare occasions when she has gone straight to sleep she wakes up at the same time and is a totally different child with the extra 2 hours of good nighttime sleep. Currently she always looks tired except for an hour in the morning and a little bit after her nap. And she is more whiny, clingy and grumpy than usual.

Is there something I'm doing wrong? Or something that I should be doing that I'm not??

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