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5mo rolling over at night then crying - help!

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Helicat Sun 11-Sep-11 07:07:43

Dd2 is nearly 5 months. Has slept through once or twice but usually needs a bottle or 2. She's started rolling over and now is repeatedly kicking off at night - I find her on her front and furious.

Do I leave her crying so that she sleeps on her front?

Turning her over doesn't work, she rolls back.

If I feed her she tends to go to sleep but then she does it again an hour or so later.

Help! Dp has depression and needs to sleep and I work full time!

PrettyCandles Sun 11-Sep-11 07:18:16

I think you need to tough this one out. She will learn to re-settle herself sooner if you don't interfere. Stroke her back to sleep if you can't bear to leave her to cry, but don't switch on her light, pick her up, feed her (other than the feeds she needs) or reposition her.

In a few months she will learn to pull herself up to standing, but may not have worked out how to sit back down again, and you could find yourself in exactly the same position again - oh, I remember it well!

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