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Post inoculation grumpiness and sleep disturbance?!!!

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Justgotosleep11 Sat 10-Sep-11 11:36:51

my 12 wo ds just had his first lot of injections on tues, 3 at once!! That night he was sleepy and slept a good 6 hr stretch ( usually only goes 4/5 at most), however since then he's woken every hour over night and taking ages to settle in evening( usually goes down well at 7pm). Could this be due to the injections which were now 4 days ago?? He has no temp although his wee cheeks are quite flushed and he is just really unhappy unless being cuddled! Has also started sleeping longer in day as knackered from night of crying!! Any advice on if this is normal would be appreciated!! Have tried calpol but no difference!! I'm used to no sleep but this is rediculous!!!!!!

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