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different styles for getting 10mo to sleep

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fireflyz Fri 09-Sep-11 19:22:01

Right now my OH is getting our son to sleep.

DS is 10 months old and we still have to help him to sleep. OH usually does bedtime.

DS likes to be held with his head on my shoulder and he pulls my hair (oh joy) until he relaxes and then I hold him in a cradle position until he is virtually or fully asleep, then I put him in his cot. I do this for his 2 daytime naps and bedtime if my OH needs a break from the bedtime routine.

OH sits down in our bouncy chair and jiggles him to sleep holding his arms so he can't grab at things like hair etc...

We both do 'shushing'.

DS complains vocally more with OH but his method seems to get him to sleep quite quickly most nights.

DS doesn't always react well to being put in the cot and sometimes wakes up and cries. I find this quite draining after all the holding etc.

I do try now to sit down in the bouncy chair and alternate between the cradle carry and a bounce in the chair with DS resting his head on a pillow on the arm of the chair.

I'm not happy with controlled crying.

So I suppose that's it - I'm doomed to rocking and swaying and sitting in the chair... and praying that it won't wake DS when I pull the drop-side of our cot up!

We lowered the cot a notch this evening because DS has started pulling himself to a sitting position in the cot and I was worried about him trying to pull himself up to standing and falling out headfirst... not sure if we are being a bit premature with this as he can't pull himself up to stand yet. But better safe than sorry?

Sorry this is quite a long ramble - I think I feel unsure sometimes as to how I will cope as time goes on and DS gets bigger. Not really a question post, more of a call for support really!


PS OH has just put him to sleep - in 20 minutes less time than I do! Says the moaning and wailing is mostly done with his eyes closed so really nothing to get upset about... oh I think I must be such a softie... blush

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