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Previous thumbsucking 4mth old screaming before naps/bed...what's happened?

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jurassicpark Thu 08-Sep-11 21:13:45

Just needing some suggestions here as I'm fluctuating between blaming teething and myself for insane screaming attacks we're experiencing.
4mth old DS just got the hang of his thumb and would self-settle a bit (though still waking for feeds at night). Sometimes sleeping 5 hours, sometimes 3 hour stretches. I would feed him and he would get back to sleep and sometimes came into our bed for last few hours of the night.
For the past week he has started screaming really loudly before bed and today before napping (in buggy). Generally he has been good at going to bed. Bedtime routine then off to sleep til we woke him up coming into bed. Now its all waking up after about 30mins, screaming lots, falling asleep in my arms, wake again, scream more. Just got him to sleep on my bed with me lying next to him. So, problem is - Can teething be so bad that screaming even tho been given Calprofen, would that stop him from wanting to suck his thumb? Or is it that he is upset to be apart from me The reason I think me is that he naps on my bed with me beside him and doesn't seem to scream, but then was screaming with me holding him earlier. Maybe its both. Or something else...? I suppose thats my biggest worry, I can handle clingyness/clinginess and teething but something else, hm.
I have a feeling that this post will make no sense as I'm not entirely sure what I'm talking about, I just want the screaming to stop. Sorry.

HalleLouja Thu 08-Sep-11 22:18:21

4 month sleep regression?

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