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10-wk old: successively shorter sleeps as night goes on - any ideas?

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parsleysandwich Thu 08-Sep-11 12:17:18

I know 10 weeks is still early days, but wondered if anyone had any suggestions for helping improve our night-time sleep. DS is EBF, and generally goes to bed properly between 9 and 10ish (but often has an hour or two's nap in the early evening too that probably counts as night-time sleep too). He will do one stretch of typically 3 hours - occasionally a bit longer - so typically waking between midnight/1 am. He then goes for shorter and shorter periods between feeds, i.e. maybe one 2 hr stretch, followed by a 1 hr stretch, etc. through till around 6am, at which point he won't settle (and is often very windy and seems uncomfy). So typically I end up feeding him about 4 times between 9 and 6am, but spaced very close together towards the morning. This pattern has been going on since he was a few weeks old, without any very obvious improvement.

He definitely knows the difference between day and night - always very sleepy when he wakes, so doesn't generally feed or stay awake for very long. Maybe I should be waking him up properly so he has more of a feed? He does generally seem hungry, but drops off on the breast after 5-10 mins. I just don't really understand why when he seems so sleepy he can't sleep for more than one 3 hr stretch... During the day he feeds every 2 - 3 hours (on demand). His daytime naps are ok, but he does wake up after 45 mins or so quite often (usually has at least one longer, e.g. 2 - 2.5 hr, nap).

Would be very grateful for any ideas as to what's going on, or suggestions about improving this!! I'm not after miracles - I'd be overjoyed if he'd do something like 3hrs, 3hrs & 2 hrs...

fruitybread Sun 11-Sep-11 16:18:04

If it's any help at all, that's exactly how my DS and every other BF baby I know slept (not sure about FF - can't think why it would be different though) -

The longest stint to start with, and then shorter and shorter intervals of sleep after that. I have no idea why they do that - with my DS and other babies I know, it just got better as they got older, teething and various 'sleep regressions' aside. So they did get longer sleeps... still following the pattern of one longest one to start with.

all I could do was go to bed early to get the most out of the first long sleep. Sorry not to have anything else to suggest! I stopped being quite as stressed about it when I realised other people's babies did the same...

CamperFan Sun 11-Sep-11 19:32:20

I think it's really normal. Babies tend to do the "best" part of their sleeping in the early part of the night.

Jane7 Sun 11-Sep-11 20:23:07

i know this is naughty but my ds2 also seems to be very windy and uncomfortable by 6am - as thought night time feeds have been bad on his tummy - so I often bring him into bed with me and let him sleep another hour on his front which helps him to work out the wind. He tends to do loads of farts and then crash out sleeping on his arms. I know this is against SIDS advice but i only doze and he's very close to me and I don't feel anxious about it, although I probably wldn't be happy to let him sleep all night on his front.

jjazz Sun 11-Sep-11 22:32:39

My DS did this in the early days. Make sure he is warm enough as the night gets colder as it goes on- all I could think of at the time. Hope the streched get longer soon- keep putting him down in his cot it it really easy to get into habits which are diffiecult to break.x

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