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4mo sleep regression

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TartanKitty Thu 08-Sep-11 06:42:53

Heard a couple if people mention four month sleep regretion on other threads recently but it's not something if heard of before. Can anyone enlighten me?

My boy (14weeks so just under 4months) was previously a good sleeper - bath then feed and down at around 11pm, up for feed 3 or 4am but straight back down after 20mins feed, then up at 6.30-7am - but this week has been a nightmare to settle.
He wasn't putting on enough weight so I've started combination feeding and I put his newfound fussiness (two hours to settle him after offering both breasts and 4oz bottle in the night) down to that. I wish I had stuck to ebf as we seemed to have found a natural routine and he seemed very content. But could it be this four month sleep regression thing?

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