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We love our cuddles now he wont sleep without them :-(

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clarebear1 Wed 07-Sep-11 21:10:49

My DS is 23 weeks. Atm ive been getting him to sleep before i put him in his cot because he kept rolling over, getting stuck them being sick.
He goes down at 7 and sleeps fine until about 3am. I dont think he wakes for a bottle just for a cuddle so i get him back to sleep then as soon as i put him down he wakes again. Repeating this 3 times i give up and we sleep together.

Got myself into a deep hole with this now and i cant get out of it, any ideas please?...

Ive tried leaving him but he just wakes up more or wakes up my DD.

bankholiday Thu 08-Sep-11 07:28:19

Can you try very gently getting him used to falling asleep in his cot at 7pm? Can you shush/pat or stroke his back, whatever works really? If he learns to fall asleep in his cot, chances are he will be able to do it at 3am as well.

clarebear1 Thu 08-Sep-11 21:14:56

Thanks. He went to sleep on his own tonight :-) a lot of crying though and me running up and down the stairs putting his dummy bk in.

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