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how to encouarge dd 7 months to nap in her cot?

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chloeb2002 Tue 06-Sep-11 02:34:55

DD is 7 months and admitedly for convienience i co sleep with her .. she has been ebf.. now has some solids but still bf. However i'd ideally like her to start to nap in her ot, which is in our room, so she can eventually go on to sleep there over night! (seems a long way off while she still wakes over night!) DD now 8 was in her own cot by 8 months over night most of the time but DS who is now 3 1/2 was much harder and is still a bad sleeper, although he needs his tonsils out and that should sort things! Im really keen to get DD into her own bed and ideally sleeping better at night.. so i figure if she gets used to it for her naps then i can move to phase b... Does this sound like a crazy plan? and i'm not a fan of cc.. dd just used to vomit after 5 mins and ds just screamed.. screamed..screamed... non stop... so i'm not game to try that! so if i do as i have doen today and put her down... stay with her.. pick her up .. settle her again.. put her down.. etc and keep on .( it has just worked although i suspect sleep wont be for long) is that acceptable? just a general rant.. a little unnerved since ds saw a sleep doctor who pretty much told me that kids are machines and hould be delt with as such...

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