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2nd & 3rd sleep - how, how, how??!

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PositivePrana Mon 05-Sep-11 09:05:27

My gorgeous DD is 22 weeks old & sleeps fine at night (occasional blips but mostly OK) & morning sleep is also sussed. I put her back down about 11/2 hours after she gets up & she goes off to sleep herself. She is lying snoring right now!
She sleeps between 45mins & 2 hours some mornings.
After this sleep it all goes pear shaped & I can't get her to settle for the rest of the day.
Yesterday she only had 2 x 1/2 hr naps from her first sleep to bedtime at 7pm. She was so grumpy.
I put her to bed around 13.00 yesterday and she played in her bed for about an hour and then got annoyed and started to cry. I did PU/PD for 3/4hr to get her to have 1/2hr sleep around 3ish.
My husband had taken her out in the pram at approx 11am & she slept for about 1/2hr.
Anyone suggest a routine for me? Was trying to follow BW 4 hour EASY.
Would like to get this nailed as she is off to a childminder in Jan & I'm sure they will not want to work to get her to sleep.

haloflo Mon 05-Sep-11 11:22:43

How long is she awake before you are putting her down? Is she tired enough? Overtired? Could she be hungry? My DD is EBF and does not wait 4 hours to be fed (she is snacker though!)

My DD (22 weeks also) is rubbish at napping and survives on 3 x 30-45 minutes a day so as a result we put her to bed at 6. Would an early bedtime work so she can catch up on sleep? As you can probably guess we have no set routine here so would be interested to see replies.

I am also back to work in January but figure that her routine will be very different by then as solids will have come into play and hopefully she will have a longer awake time.

funnylittlekaty Mon 05-Sep-11 21:39:00

My lo sounds very similar although is only a tiddler at 16 weeks. He slept for 45 minutes today between 10.30 and bedtime at 7. He didn't get too cranky though, although was pretty shattered by final feed time. He only napped in the pushchair...after his morning nap he won't go down at home, no way no how. I'm worried he's not having enough sleep, he's taking so much in, when will he have time to process it all?! He sleeps well at night, 7-7.30 with a dream feed at 10.30 and a feed in our bed between 5-6am.
Any thoughts?

PositivePrana Tue 06-Sep-11 12:39:35

Name change - decided I am not a Mummy2B anymore!
Anyway, it's all change today & my LO has gone down for a second sleep!! She went at 12.15, so let's see how long this lasts! I think I was obviously trying to stretch her too long trying to get her to 1pm. Hopefully she will have an hour or so now. Keep fingers crossed!

LittleMilla Tue 06-Sep-11 15:45:25

My LO is 17 weeks and same as haloflo - we usually have 3 or 4 40 minute-ers, depending on what time he wakes up. Sunday and Monday he only got 2 naps in shock, but he went to bed at 6 ish and slept (albeit with a few wake ups) for 14 hours.

He's on nap three of the day now, having woken up at 8:15am. I actually had to get him up then too!

He doesn't ever go longer than 2.5 hours between sleeps really. And I save the longest stretch until the end of the day. But often he's shattered and so falls asleep on boob before having enough, so this isn't brill.

I have found the hardest thing is to correctly identify the window of when he's tired enough, without tipping over the edge!

So no real advice as we're far from perfect. Just my experience!

PositivePrana Tue 06-Sep-11 19:03:11

Well, she only managed to sleep for about 45mins at lunch time & I couldn't get her back to sleep for the rest of the day! She has just had her nighttime feed & passed out!
Such a grumpy girl from about 4pm onwards, obviously should have been sleeping at that point but totally refused!
Live to fight sleep another day!! If someone could crack this they would make a heap of money - baby sleep consultants! Bit like super nanny only for sleep!

funnylittlekaty Wed 07-Sep-11 16:54:26

Here's a tip...we went to baby swimming today. He managed his usual 25 minutes at lunchtime and I thought we were in for our usual fun and grumpy games this afternoon, but at 4.10 he burst into tears, shoved his thumb in and after a couple of brief attempts, fell asleep in his crib at about 4.25! grin I don't think he'll last long but it's better than fact there goes the baby monitor now!

PositivePrana Wed 07-Sep-11 17:32:11

Oh funny we start baby swimming next Tuesday, so hoping for big sleeps after it as it is at 1pm!
Went to a taster session at 11am a few weeks back & she could hardly keep her eyes open on the way back to the car!
Anyone want to chip in for a pool!?

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