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Naps for 7 month old

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ObviouslyOblivious Sun 04-Sep-11 18:16:22

DS is 7 months. I'm having some trouble with getting him to take two naps. The morning one is no problem usually, but the afternoon nap often doesn't happen or is very, very short.

I would greatly appreciate it if anyone with a similar aged baby could let me know at what times your baby naps?

JustLea Sun 04-Sep-11 20:42:01


My Son is 11 months old but he has kept to his routine from about 5 months.

7am/7:30am - DS wakes up from his night's sleep

9:30am/10am - I put DS down for his mornin nap (My time to get ready for the day!)

11am/11:30am - DS wakes up from his mornin nap

2:30pm/3pm - I put DS down for his afternoon nap

4:30pm - DS wakes up from his afternoon nap

7:30pm/8pm - Bedtime

It took a while to get my Son into this routine but the perserverance has paid off! I also found givin my Son a bottle of milk while he was layin down in his cot really helped him to fall asleep. If your DS cries but you know you have done everythin you can, his eaten, changed his nappy and he is safe in his cot etc then (I know its easier said then done!) but let him cry it out, he will fall asleep. My Son usually has a fidget about or a little winge if he is over-tired but he falls to sleep everytime.

Best wishes

Moulesfrites Sun 04-Sep-11 22:00:23

my ds is 7 m and sounds very similar to yours. The afternoon nap is always a battle. Too early and he wont last til bedtime, too late and he is not tired at bedtime.

I think about 2-3 seems to be the best time for his nap but I have resorted to going on a long walk around this time as he always sleeps great in the pushchair and can manage at least good hour, whereas in the cot he will wake after 40 mins. He also sleeps in the car. I have decided not to get too worked up about it. His bedtime can be moved by half and hour or so either way depending on his naps and that is ok.

good luck!

ObviouslyOblivious Sun 04-Sep-11 22:17:13

Thanks Justlea and Moules

I was wondering if maybe I've got the timings all wrong. He wakes at 6 (which I'm happy with as it fits with our lives) and I've been doing the morning nap at around 9am. He then decides the length of the nap grin between 40 minutes and 2 hours.

When he wakes up we go out for a bit, have lunch, play etc, and he then gives sleep signals at about 2pm. I reckon I need to try giving him a nap earlier, maybe at about 1? I don't think he copes well with overtiredness grin

That will be my project for the next few days; if that doesn't work then I'll go for the long walk option.

They do sound similar Moules <wonders if he's also suffering with teething and a cough and snotty nose and loooong bedtimes>

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