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help ds early early morning!

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firsttimemum90 Sun 04-Sep-11 07:54:41

ds is 8 months old and was a great sleeper up until 2 months or so ago. He usually goes down to bed asleep at 7 (falls asleep by himself in his cot) then we sometimes get a cry late evening or 1 in the morning...then anywhere between 4-5am he wakes up crying so i give him his dummy and he normally looks like hes gone straight back to sleep but tewn mins later he is wide awake kicking his cot rolling around, this goes on for about an hour then he starts crying and cant seem to fall back asleep by himself so normally results in me rocking and shhing him, he's normally back asleep by 6 then awake for the day around 7-7.30, however the nights he does this waking early morning he is so fussy and i can tell he is over tired throughout the day. this waking is happening 5/7 days a week. i have tried the whole getting up with him at 5am but he is not happily awake i can see he needs more sleep and cant work out why he is waking, ive tried feeding nappy change white noise, but it just seems like he has to have an hour of awake time where he doesnt know what he wants then he finally falls back asleep!
during the day he normally takes 2 naps one around half 9 and one around half 1. they last anything up to 1 and half hours - 2 hours normally ones a long nap the other a short. i see no pattern in his naps and his early wakings. for example days he's had 2 lots of 2 hour naps he somtimes sleep through till 7 other days he'll do his half 4 wake up! days he barley naps he still wakes then or on the odd occasion sleeps through!
to make it worse i went back to work 2 weeks ago and have to be up at 6am anyway o my days are starting at 4am most days and the having a long days on the wards! thankfully im only in 3 days but its still getting to me!
any advice would be great, or anyone going through the same wouldd be great to here from you!

why5am Sun 04-Sep-11 23:00:07

You might find it helpful to keep a diary for a week and make a note of feeding, activity and naps/sleep. Keep it brief but write down how well he eats as well as what he eats, how he goes to sleep, what he's like when he wakes and overnight how long he's awake for and how he goes back to sleep.
We did this on a grid/matrix when we were really struggling with sleep with a DD around the same age and it helped see a pattern. It also helped to keep it for a few weeks and see what changed or how things improved over a month.
Good luck!

firsttimemum90 Wed 07-Sep-11 09:34:14

thank you i will, just as i thought i was at breaking point ds for the past two days has stirred at 5amish and thankfully fell back asleep untill 6.30-7am! what a difference lets hope this lasts im not counting on it! i've spoke to a few other mums with babys same age as ds and alot of them say their babys have been doing this too, least i know im not alone!

klolav Wed 07-Sep-11 17:19:34

Both mine now 4 & 2, haven't been great sleepers, so you certainly are not on your own. It is so tiring and ongoing that you feel you will never be normal again!
I started looking at different alarm clocks and such for my eldest, so he knew when he was allowed to get up (6.30am earliest)
I ended up going for a cheap and cheerful one I bought on Amazon, which changes all diff colours, and he absolutely loves it! Clearly I don't have the need for the alarm clock bit but the actual clock is really quite 'cool and awesome' as my son says and for the £1.99 I really can't grumble! It works (8 nights and counting)
My 2 year old now wants one and as much as I'm not sure if it would work with her being so young- I might give it a whirl!
Problem is she normally wakes up in my bed with me!!!!
I know 8 mths is a little young, but for those who have children a little older- mine is (so far - fingers crossed) working a treat!

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