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Help with 2yo nap please!

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AnnamariaHun Sat 03-Sep-11 13:59:13

i wonder if any of you had the same problem and if you could give some advice.
Ds is 2 next month (with a little brother on the way).He's been in a junior bed for about 2 month and has been taking a daytime nap of about an hr until recently when he's worked out that it's fun to get out of bed and check out his posters on the wall and read books which he sometimes takes in his bed.
He doesn't try to get out of his room (the door is shut) and is in there having fun for over an hr.
As i only have the baby monitor on so i can't see him, can't always hear the first moments of him getting out of bed only when i can hear his footsteps so i go up and put him back into bed.He sometimes gets out again but sometimes just sits in his bed and chats to himself and then we eventually get him up as it gets too late to have a sleep.
He does the same in the evening but we don't go up, he always seems to sort himself out and falls asleep ok.

Should i not worry about him not sleeping during his rest time? does this mean he's got to a stage where he no longer needs a lunchtime sleep? (although when he doesn't have one and we go out in the afternooon, he always falls asleep either in the car or pushchair for about 20min)

Sorry to go on for so long
Any advice is appreaciated

ThatsNotMyBabyBelly Sat 03-Sep-11 16:09:21

I would just leave him if he is quiet - my dd1 is just 2 and I ignore her if she is looking at books or talking to herself. If you want him to stay in bed could you put him in a gro bag if he sleeps in one?

MrsVidic Sat 03-Sep-11 20:55:43

My dd was 2 in July and had the same problem (dd2 was born on 6 aug)
To be honest sometimes she naps but if she has had a nap in the car then she won't have a nap in bed later

However the quiet timeisgood for both of you. She has settled down again and has an hour most days but this coincided with her now lying in till 7am (was 530 previously)

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