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Who swapped my baby for this one that doesn't sleep???

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QueenCee Sat 03-Sep-11 08:06:09

DD is 10 months and has always been a great sleeper. She slept between 5-8 hours from 6 weeks and 12 hours from 3 months. Always slept through the night and slept beautifully during the day. I would put her in her cot at specific times and she went to sleep, no dramas. Woke up at the same time every single sleep.
I was indeed a very smug mum and karma has come and bitten me on the ass!
In the last couple of weeks, her daytime naps are hideous and she only goes to sleep for about half an hour a day on a bad day and this is a battle.
At night,she has been waking once, which she has previously done, butbefore I'd go in to her, pop her on her back, give her her teddy and she went back to sleep.... Now? She screams for a good hour so have to cuddle her back to sleep.
What on earth has happened?
Am I making a rod for my own back in cuddling to sleep? She's not just a bit grumbly when I pick her up though, she is very distressed so I can't leave her surely.
I feel like I'm starting again and have no idea how to deal with this.
If I'd always had a difficult sleeper I think I'd know what to do but this really is new territory.
She's not hungry as she eats well during the day and has a big bottle before bed.
It's not a dirty nappy.
I'm pg with dc2 and need to sort this before dc2 arrives or will be dead on my feet.
Any advice gratefully received!

bail Sat 03-Sep-11 11:29:29

Fear not!

Your daughter is a fundamentally good sleeper, as proven by the last 10 months. This is a blip. EXACTLY the same happened with my DS at 10 months. I remember wailing to my DH that we had been so complacent but now we were in for years of a problem sleeper. It is astonishing how two night's of crappy sleep can make one think the world is caving in, and makes me feel much sympathy for the poor mumsnetters who really suffer. Anyway, I digress, my point is, his dodgy sleeping went on for about a week / 10 days, and then back to normal.

Basically, just like we as adults can have dodgy nights, babies can too.

We carried on just as normal... no rocking, no nothing. I would just go in, pick up, cuddle, get him dozy by speaking softly to him, down again, he would cry, I would do around 2/3 times more, and then on last time he would drift off. This would happen a couple of times in the night. This worked with my DS, but no doubt you will have to find something a little different that will work with your daughter. But overall, do not worry - she is simply asserting herself, which is cool, but you need to resume control!

QueenCee Sat 03-Sep-11 16:51:44

Ha ha Bali sounds exactly like me! I've been all upset and stressy with DH saying that it's all gone wrong and she's going to be a terrible sleeper from here on in!! Hope this is just a phase that passes because it's a particuarly rubbish phase!

mrshotrod Sat 03-Sep-11 19:41:49

We had this too, just after 6 months and then again after he was poorly at around 9/10. We did controlled Crying (aka hell on earth) for about three nights each time, and hell though it was (baby was fine every morning mind) it worked. We all got sleep, all much happier.

AngelDog Mon 05-Sep-11 00:25:02

She's probably working on the 46 week developmental leap it should improve after that. More info here, here and here.

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