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18 month old not sleeping through

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Freddiecat Mon 20-Oct-03 17:16:49

My DS slept through the night (thanks to Gina Ford) from 4 months until 16 months). However recently he has started waking anywhere from 4am to 6:30 wanting milk.

6:30 isn't so bad during the week but considering yesterday he dropped off after and didn't wake until 9:30 he obviously still needs the sleep (it was bliss!).

He definitely wants milk as this morning I tried water in a bottle (pandering to him) and he threw it away - then guzzled 8 oz milk.

We have difficulties getting him to eat at the weekend (he eats OK-ish at nursery in the week). He will sit in his high-chair, stare at us and throw food on the floor. We eat the same stuff, with him and we think he's just trying to provoke a reaction. I don't mind the toddler behaviour (as in that's just how they behave and we tell him off but the main issue is the not eating - which obviously makes him wake up hungry). We've also tried putting his food in a bowl on the coffee table to pick at but he still doesn't have much. He has up to 2 pints of milk in the day which he seems to want.

Any suggestions - or is this just a phase?

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