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10month old sleep

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Dozeyland Wed 31-Aug-11 22:09:03

DD is 10months old, always woke atleast once for a quick feed (no crying, just really fidgety really) usually did 8pm-3/4...then up at7am

now she is going down about 8pm, until 12:30/1:30am, grizzling like a pain sound, dummy doesnt settle, or cuddles. so i feed her, then she still fidgets and gets cross if i dont give her more milk. (ONLY since the last 2 weeks) must add that she got her first tooth last week.

in the day she is her usual happy loving self.

bejeezus Thu 01-Sep-11 10:35:08

hiya...i think its teeth.

Im having a similar experience. My 10mnth old has slept from 7pm-6amish from about 4 months old. But the last 3 weeks or so is waking at 12-1am and is grizzling and fidgeting/thrashing about until around 3am. She is also having disturbed/broken sleep from when she goes to bed until that time.

I think the pain of teething must be pretty constant for them, even when the teeth arent actually breaking through, they are still moving up from jaw/gums?

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