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tell me how you used your baby hammock esp nb - 12 wks

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anangel Wed 31-Aug-11 09:58:53


i'd love to hear from mums with an amby/ other hammock. ds2 is 5 weeks and the most we've managed is half an hour, with lots of rocking. i thought this was some miracle sleep tool! i find the sling works much better. really want to get the hammock working, ds1 was a three hour at a time boy at night, this one is much more restless. so i'd like to know what to expect, how you got baby sleeping hammock, when, how long for etc... am i expecting a bit much too soon?

thanks in advance!

YogaMummy2B Sat 03-Sep-11 23:19:59

Hi there, I have an Amby. Got it when DD was approx 6 weeks old. Didn't turn out to be a miracle straight away but could not part with it now. DD is 23 weeks & loves it.
She sleeps in it for day time naps & sleeps in cot at night time. The first time she really got the hammock I swaddled her and bounced it. She doesn't much like the rocking, prefers to bounce up & down. I think I spent too much time on my yoga ball whilst pregnant!
Anyway, now I just pop her in, give it a quick bounce to settle her & she goes over herself.
I think it is great to keep them sleeping longer if you read their sleep signs & get them over in the first place on time. Eg. If I put my LO in her hammock for morning nap at 8.30 (from 7am start) she will often sleep for 11/2 hours - 2ish hours. If she is in her cot 45 mins tops!

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