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Advice on dream feeding please!

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countbartles Tue 30-Aug-11 18:50:30

Hi all,
My DS is 13 wks, and we have just brought his bedtime forward to 8.30 pm, with an attempted 'dream feed' at about 10.30-11pm. From what I understand the point is to top up the tank while they are still sleeping in the hope that they will carry on sleeping longer in to the night. so, I have been expressing a bottle, and my DH has been gently rolling the bubba on to his back (he sleeps on his side) while propping up his head. Disappointingly, he always seems to wake up a little bit, and so far, despite drinking all the milk wakes up two hours later and every hour from about 2am onwards. Are we doing it right? Are we doing it safely? Any tips? I was really hoping it would be a magic sollution! Unrealistic I know, but i am bloody tired and would love it if something actually worked for once. . . Please help! smile

Flisspaps Tue 30-Aug-11 18:54:30

There is no magic solution sad Babies wake when they're hungry and when they're hungry you feed 'em.

If it isn't working, then stop. If you're not having to feed him at 11, it means you can go to sleep earlier and try to get a couple of hours unbroken sleep in early on.

What you're doing sounds 'right' and safe (you're not propping up the bottle and leaving him to it, you're supporting him in an upright-ish position), but if it doesn't make a difference then there's no point in doing it smile

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