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please tell me there's an 8 month growth spurt and this will pass?

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DuelingFanjo Mon 29-Aug-11 21:33:26

DS is 8 months and has just cut his first tooth. He's always been good at going down to sleep with some singing or rocking but I have just had a hellish weekend where even when he's tired he's just not going to sleep - on Friday night he was up until after 11pm and I even tried driving him about in the car because I have read about people doing that. It didn't work. Tonight he's just gone down after several attempts by me and DH. He wakes early however late he goes down and this is worse than the newborn stage for me.

I do a bathtime/bed routine but to be honest this has never calmed him down and he's always really hyper after a bath so we have to wait a good 45 minutes before we can start trying to get him down.

I don't know if this is a developmental thing or if it's to do with his teeth? He is making a lot more noise when I rock him, feeds constantly (BF) and is sucking on my clothes. I have tried teething gel and the powders (which used to work really well) but he still grumbles.

Is this just how it is when the teeth come through or a growth spurt?

Sorry for the length of this post, i am just shattered.

We co-sleep but I am at the point where I am woondering about putting him in the cot, shutting the door and leaving him there... won't do it but that's how stressed it is making me.

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