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is anyone else holding on to the faint hope that their DC might sleep by the time they turn 3?

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Kveta Mon 29-Aug-11 09:20:35

DS will be 2 next month, and is still an atrocious sleeper. I actually hesitate to call him a 'sleeper' because he doesn't really sleep.

I had high hopes that he would sleep when he turned 1 (he didn't), when he went to nursery (he didn't), when he stopped night feeds (he didn't), when he went into his own room (he didn't). Now it's 'when he turns 2', but we have less than a month to go, so that is looking v. unlikely.

He goes to sleep at night/nap time BEAUTIFULLY. lies down, curls up, and goes to sleep. then is up 1-2 hrs later. then up every 1-2 hours for the rest of the night. think he's hungry, but porridge before bed makes no difference.

anyone else losing the will to live/hope that their DC might sleep one day? fancy joining me in a whinge?

Gastonladybird Mon 29-Aug-11 09:22:43

What do you do when he wakes up? Also I assume there are no health or development issues.

Scootergrrrl Mon 29-Aug-11 10:03:31

I'll join you. DS (17 months) has started to throw 5.30am waking into his hellish mix. The three wake ups a night were bad enough sad

And if DH doesn't stop saying it's because I'm still feeding him (the ONLY way to get him back off in the middle of the night) I may lose my reason entirely.


Kveta Mon 29-Aug-11 10:42:17

we have perfected the silent return, furious variety. DS is replaced in his cot and we leave the room, until the screaming gets so bad we can't take it any more, then we will sit in his room in a chair by the door until he goes back to sleep. he has perfected the 'wake up the second my parent lifts the duvet to get back into bed' move, and screams some more.

sadly, bringing him into our bed has no effect (he just wriggles and twitches for hours) and he is only getting milk twice a day, because feeding him to sleep failed to work by about 18 months angry

we were told by everyone (parents, HV, paediatrician, friends) that once he went to sleep by himself, he would sleep through.

that hasn't happened

he is totally normal, and healthy too. nothing wrong with him - he did have ear infections for a while but they are clear now.

scootergrrrl, i feel your pain. dh has started muttering about weaning and giving him cows milk instead. i am far too lazy for that so just tend to shoot furious glares at him until he shuts up. however, he does most of the night time settling, so can't complain too much...

Scootergrrrl Mon 29-Aug-11 12:44:37

(quakes at the thought of feeding to sleep ceasing to work....)

My DH doesn't get up in the night because he's partly deaf so I'm wide awake before he's even stirred. Therefore I am entirely justified in telling him to mind his own bloody business. He also seems to think he doesn't actually have children until 7am even if one of them is climbing over him and shouting Dada, DADA at the top of his little voice. Pig. Can you tell I've had a bad night? grin

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