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9.5 month hates sleeping on his back at night!!

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BenRoo Sun 28-Aug-11 21:29:09

DS goes to sleep on his front, he prefers it that way.
However,he manages to flip over onto his front,which wakes him up and then he gets distressed so we then settle him again.
This can happen quite a few times in the night.... *yawn
Has anyone any advice on how to stop this happening please?

Iggly Sun 28-Aug-11 21:31:34

Can he roll onto his front normally? Is he in a sleepbag or blankets? Just wondered if there's something stopping him rolling back.

BenRoo Sun 28-Aug-11 21:39:14

He can't really roll back,I mean he has before,whilst reaching for something but not generally IYSWIM.
He's also a bum shuffler,doesn't crawl and wants to be on his feet all the time (assisted) hmm

BenRoo Sun 28-Aug-11 21:40:26

Oh and he has a blanket over him.
We've tried sleeping bags but he still flips over sad

Iggly Sun 28-Aug-11 21:45:04

What do you mean he flips over with a bag? is it different to when he has ablanket?
I wondered if he's cold hence waking up when you use a blanket?

TBH he's probably going to take time to learn how to get into a comfy position sad DS used to always sleep on his front but now at 22 months he likes being on his back confused I put him in warm PJs so he doesn't need covers (he always kicked them off)

Iggly Sun 28-Aug-11 21:47:21

Just re- read - he wakes up in a bag anyway, sorry!

It might not be the fact that he's on his front - 9 months is a time for crazy sleep and it should pass. I'd get him on the floor loads in the day so he roll about and learn how to do it.

BenRoo Sun 28-Aug-11 21:53:13

It's definitely a crazy time!!!
We seem to be spending most of our time trying to find the magic answer...
Oh well I'm sure there'll be something else to worry about next week wink
Will follow your advice of lots of floor play,thank you!

Iggly Sun 28-Aug-11 21:56:26

Also make sure you and your other half split the night wakings so you can each get a 5 hour chunk of sleep. We used to sleep in separate rooms some nights so the sound on the monitor didn't wake us when things were bad!

BenRoo Sun 28-Aug-11 22:02:11

My DH slept on the sofa last night wink
Glancing over... He looks quite comfy there again tonight!
It's difficult to imagine there is an end to these sleepless nights.
Would you recommend just going with it,and one day we'll get a full nights sleep,or continue with the never ending hunt for a solution???

Iggly Mon 29-Aug-11 06:50:30

Make sure you take a night on the sofa too!

We used to try different things (except CC) but not convinced it helped. In the end we found things did improve when we went for early bedtimes, made sure DS wasnt eating windy food and getting DH to resettle (as I was BF) when we wanted to cut down night feeds. But DS would revert to waking again at some point anyway! But got less as he got older.

BenRoo Mon 29-Aug-11 18:29:09

Ah that will be my next mission, reducing the night feeds (also bf'ing).
We've got a week off work so DH is doing ALL the settling I.e. Naps and bedtime to help DS settle without the boob wink
I'm a bit naff some nights when he's especially unsettled and end up bringing him into bed with us during one of the night wakings!

Iggly Mon 29-Aug-11 19:37:37

Oh yes I know what you mean about the nights - I was the same u til I fell pregnant and couldn't stand them. So much easier to boob back to sleep. Luckily DS is on a different floor (we're in the loft bedroom not a massive house grin) so no chance of bringing him into bed with us! But we do have a cheap foam bed on his room so spent many a night on there.

BenRoo Mon 29-Aug-11 20:57:10

Hmmm foam bed you say? Now that's an idea. Although he's turned into a right ol fidget!

BenRoo Mon 29-Aug-11 20:58:19

When I said 'he' I meant DS,but it could also apply to my hubby wink

Iggly Mon 29-Aug-11 21:04:23

the foam bed is for me or DH - we manage to persuade DS to stay in bed if we're on it. Not enough room for DS too <phew> although did find DH and DS curled up together one morning!

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