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I thought I had everything sussed... and now this

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Ribex Fri 26-Aug-11 23:09:14

Until recently my 4mo DS was a little dream. Fell asleep (with a little work - rocking, shushing, etc) at around 8pm, slept until 10.30 when I woke him up to feed, then fell asleep again on the boob and went quietly into his cot for the rest of the night (until 6am).

However, suddenly he's stopped this. Now he goes to sleep initially fine only to wake up within an hour and is impossible to get back to sleep (all our usual tricks exhausted). By the time 10.30 rolls around and I try to feed him he's either exhausted and won't feed or feeds without falling asleep and we have to spend more time rocking, shushing, etc until he eventually conks out.

Extra points to note:
- I've just started giving him his first tastes of solid food
- he's had some strange poos on and off for the last week or so - green and mucusy
- he's become a fussy feeder in general (bf) and often refuses the breast or makes me stand up/lie down/sit down in a constantly rotating pattern
- he's perfectly happy in every other way, never really seems very distressed (though he is arching his back a lot when he's breastfeeding or trying to get to sleep - which i take to be wind, but often can't get anything up)
- he's recently learnt how to roll over on to his tummy (but he can't get himself back over yet) so when's he's in his buggy or cot or on our bed all he wants to do is roll over, which makes getting him to sleep even more difficult
- he's sucking his fists, drooling and putting everything in his mouth, which could mean teething?

I'm not sure which of these are pertinent to our current problems, and which are not, but that's my basic confusion. I don't know what to change, what is the problem, whether he's just going through a phase, or whether he's teething, or if there's something wrong.

Any ideas?

naturalbaby Sat 27-Aug-11 14:34:11

4month growth spurt. all sounds normal to me, having gone through 3 of them. ds1 was a nightmare for weeks on end but my other 2 were over it in a couple of weeks. my 7month old has his fists/fingers in his mouth all the time but no sign of teeth - my older 2 were really late. teeth can move around, doesn't mean they're coming through and it is also part of their general development in finding their hands and wanting to such/chew everything.

are the poos a similar colour to what you're feeding him? my boy's are coming out pretty much the same as they go in! green poo in a breastfed baby means too much watery milk or water i think. his went green when he was doing lots of short feeds so not getting enough hindmilk.

Ribex Mon 29-Aug-11 10:55:29

Thanks naturalbaby - turns out he cut his first tooth on Saturday, so that's probably the reason for his disrupted sleep. Poor little sweetheart.

Also, now he keeps refusing his 10am feed, which is throwing me all out of whack. But that's another thread...

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