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Great Bedtime Routine.........................BUT............... ...

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plugster Fri 26-Aug-11 20:14:27

the little blighter just keeps waking up!!!!!!

My partner and i (and our two year old son) live in a one bedroom flat which means we all sleep in the same room. The Moo (as he is known) knows and loves his bedtime routine, bath at 7, out of bath at 7.15, story and 7.25, bottle at 7.30 and asleep in his cot with the aid of a light show by 7.45, perfect......ish.

In the last three to four weeks our son has started to wake up between 12 and 1 (at night) and just screams and screams and kicks his legs and just won't go back to sleep............unless he jumps in the sack with us.

The Moo is a tall boy and does bang around the cot when he's moving in his sleep, however when he's in with the two of us he goes back to sleep in a few minutes.

Does anybody have any advice?

My thoughts are the main problem is that he lays there when he wakes and can see his um and dad and just knows he will get into bed with us in the end. If he were in a different room to the two of us we (ma and pa) would win the battle hands down but its soooooo difficult when we're all in the same room.

I am considering getting a small/cot bed and seeing if that helps but as off tonight we're gonna do our best to tough it out.

No light show when he wakes up and just a 'night night time Moo Moo' every five to ten minutes whilst he's crying.

Can anybody help us..............please?

iloveholidays Fri 26-Aug-11 22:02:25

No advice, but I reckon if you're consistent and stick to your guns he'll give up... I'd be prepared for a bad night though, but I would suspect tomorrow will be easier and Sunday even easier again...

Good luck!

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