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Getting baby to sleep in the evening!!

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Loubicheeza Thu 25-Aug-11 21:35:18

Hi all, Well it's just taken over 3hrs and I think I've finally got my dd (10 weeks old) to sleep. She's placid during the day, drifts off for naps and self-sooths while we're running around and my toddler is creating. A really 'good' baby. But at 6.30pm when we try to put her down, no thank you. She has no intention of going to sleep. As soon as I put her down she starts crying, even if she's fallen asleep on the boob. It's not hunger, as having done this once already I recognise the signs and offer her more food in case. I ensure she's winded and her temperature is ok etc etc. We even put the radio on for her, as assume she finds a bit of 'noise' comforting! Having had 1 child I thought I would know all the tricks but I'm really stumped with this one. Has anyone any advice? She wakes once or twice during the night, which isn't too bad I know- but to be honest I would trade another wake during the night for an evening of peace! Please help!

downpipe Fri 26-Aug-11 10:22:36

I'm afraid at 10 weeks DS2 would be in the kitchen with us until we went to bed at 10.30.Sometimes he would be asleep in a cradle-nest-highchair thing, sometimes not.At 16 weeks I started putting him to sleep in the pram in the hall after his bath at 7,then carried him up to bed with me at 10.30.I've only just started putting him to bed in his cot at night after bath and BF at 7.30 and he is now 20 weeks. Seems to work but often he'll wake after an hour, settle after a BF and then go 6 hours.I've found the time has gone so quickly as he is my second and I wouldn't stress too much about routine at 10 weeks, I know we all want our babies to sleep but if she won't do it at 10 weeks it may be too early and just do what she needs now and try again a few weeks later.Also,as a friend reminded me, the cot death guidelines recommend not letting baby sleep alone for the first 6 months.. Something to do with them hearing your breathing.That's one reason why I had mine sleeping in the kitchen/hall although obviously they are just guidelines and not always practical.

iloveholidays Fri 26-Aug-11 21:53:37

I'd give it a few more weeks. Both my DD's started settling around 7 around 13/14 weeks... before then I had no luck until 10pm-ish. They would sleep on me/DP but refuse moses basket!!

Good luck

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