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How can you tell if they're trying to drop a nap?

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WorrisomeHeart Thu 25-Aug-11 14:33:43

And does this sound like DS is dropping one? He's 10 months and for the last months or so has been having an hour in the morning from 9ish and then another hour after lunch, around 1ish. But over the last few days he's been a nightmare to get down for his pm nap and hasn't really looked that tired. His am nap seems to be lengthening too. Do you think I need to start cutting his am nap shorter to save the pm nap?

CurwySwide Fri 26-Aug-11 12:07:23

I found that when my DS was taking longer to drop off, then yes it was a sign to adjust his sleeping habits.

He continued two naps a day till he was about 15 months, but for the few months prior to that, I shortened his morning nap to about twenty minutes, and he slept more in the afternoon. At the point he dropped the morning nap altogether, he had an afternoon nap from 1pm till 3pm.

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