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2 year old - sleep problems

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poppyandsneeze Wed 24-Aug-11 21:24:33

I have a 2 year old who had to come out of the cotbed due to the fact she kept climbing over the rails. Wouldn't sleep in her toddler bed,found it very restrictive and kept banging herself and not comfortable. Would end up on the floor sleeping or wouldn't sleep.

Tried the spare mattress that we had on the floor in the bedroom and little one quite liked to sleep on this.

Have moved bedrooms for about 6 months but find that when she wriggles that she often wakes herself up by banging herself into the top of the bed and side of the mattress against the wall. I have a shaped pillow on the top,but little one seems to raise her head. Have a bedrail on this mattress but she doesn't go anywhere near the bedrail and ends up towards the wall.

I don't want to put her back into a cotbed mattress as I don't think she found it comfortable and very big (quite a large baby). Would I be better getting the little one into a single bed with headboard ?? ? if so can anyone recommend a low bed (not too high off the floor) so that she doesn't have too far to fall - if she does.

Anyone have the same problem ever ????

She also needs a normal single mattress as she sometimes moans if I don't get in when she gets upset to cuddle her. Sometimes the only way she will go back to sleep.

Iggly Wed 24-Aug-11 21:51:52

We got DS the low deco from warren Evans - comes in a small single or normal single. It has a low head board and is very low to the floor here

It's reduced at the moment. Comes in loads of colours and looks lovely.

We also use low foam bed guards which stop DS rolling off the bed and into the walls.

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