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Helping 11 week old fall asleep at night

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Secondtimelucky Wed 24-Aug-11 21:23:14

I thought I was due a good sleeper after DD1, seemingly not...

Just like her big sister, DD2 really struggles to go to sleep. The main weapon in my arsenal is feeding to sleep, but nine times out of ten, the second I try to move she wakes up. I know, I know, that this is because she isn't in a deep sleep when I try to move, but I've got a toddler, and sanity to maintain, I can't lie there for the whole evening. Also, it doesn't always work. sometimes she arches her back and refuses to suck. I often end up co-sleeping part way through the night, which works ok, but is doing my back in (co-sleeper cot on the way to being handed down by her big sister when she moves into a bed, which might help on this).

Again just like her big sister, DD2 does not do 'sleepy'. She does 'awake' or 'lightly asleep'. There's none of that 'drowsy' stage you are meant to pick up on and put them down to fall asleep.

Other things that do not work:
-rocking, bouncing, cuddling etc. She goes mental;
-sling. She'll tolerate it if I'm walking somewhere, but standing still or sitting she wakes up;
-swaddling. She'll sometimes accept it for a nap if combined with a dummy. At night, an hour or so later she's struggling like mad to get out of it;
-sshing, patting, etc. Just doesn't do anything before my resolve cracks and I try feeding again. Then I move, she wakes up and the cycle begins again..

She has a dummy, which sometimes works but sometimes not. She's struggling to find her fingers/thumb to suck, but failing so far. She's very sucky.

For daytime naps we can get by: car journeys, pram trips, sling time, etc all add up, but I need to work out if I'm missing anything on getting to sleep at night. With DD1 I seem to remember weeks and weeks of just sitting with her cuddling, or rocking, or patting or whatever until eventually she went off. Eventually she got older, and better, and now sleeps ok.

So, am I missing anything, or do I just ride it out?

scarlettlips Thu 25-Aug-11 09:08:51

Arghhh poor you...i've only just got DD sleeping correctly (is there such a thing hmm) I was also having major issues with DD not having any naps in her cot so I fully feel your pain.

Have you tried holding the dummy and then removing it when she's just asleep?

I also wrapped DD up lovely and cosy...feed her this way and then placed her down. This way she didn't go down into a cold/cool cot. However I had a March baby so it was colder then x

scarlettlips Thu 25-Aug-11 09:10:03

should of said....sometimes I have to hold the dummy in for several mins before DD 'takes' it!

Have you tried white noise???

Secondtimelucky Thu 25-Aug-11 09:36:02

I will give removing the dummy a try. That's a good plan. I think I vaguely remember that also being in No Cry Sleep Solution (I re-read the 0-4 mths bit recently, but I think it's in the older section). I don't much like giving her the dummy at night because I worry I'm building up a pattern where she'll need it every time she stirs, and having had a DD1 who woke up 5/6 times a night, it is not an experience I want to encourage repeating!

What white noise do you use? I found that the hairdryer sometimes helps (if I'm drying my hair in the room), but obviously that gets the room rather hot very fast and DD2 seemed to be able to tell the difference between the real noise (acceptable) and the one I downloaded from itunes (not acceptable!).

I also wonder if she's over tired. I might try putting her down half an hour earlier today. Her big sister doesn't generally sleep until 7:30/8 and she's been going down the same time, but maybe we should do DD2 before DD1's bath.

Glad to remember I'm not alone. Thanks for responding.

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