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DS hits himself...

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knittynoodle Wed 24-Aug-11 10:36:00 keep awake.

Hes 9mo and has gone from kicking out, to shouting, to pulling his hair, to punching himself in order to stay awake.

Once hes down, hes down for the night, but the fight is just excrutiating to watch! Any tips?

Fuzzled Wed 24-Aug-11 12:55:45


Try a sleep training method - CC or similar so that you are not in the room? He may be trying to stay awake to be with you IYSWIM? If you take yourself away regardless, he might settle.

It's tough isn't it sad

Iggly Wed 24-Aug-11 12:57:02

Earlier bedtime so he's more relaxed? Or put him down on his front to sleep - bit harder then to hit himself?

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