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Sleepio- live chat session

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RosieSleepio Mon 22-Aug-11 14:34:48

Message deleted by Mumsnet.

GrownUpNow Mon 22-Aug-11 14:46:33

I've quite a few areas I'd love to see discussed.

My partner appears to suffer from a sleep disorder where he acts out his dreams, be it violence, movement and even trying to initiate sexual intercourse. He has hurt me in the past when thrashing and punching my arm, and I am concerned about his "sex-somnia". How can he stop behaving this way in sleep? And how do I safeguard myself from him while he is sleeping, would he be wake-able if necessary?

I have had sleeping issues since I was very little. Recurrent nightmares often resulting in insomnia, and now most recently I have been having issues on falling asleep, mostly sleep paralysis with visual, auditory and physical hallucinations, but also periods where I will have several hypnic jerks on trying to fall asleep which wakes me and starts the process of falling asleep again, these can be quite violent and I have thrown my phone across the room (after falling asleep with it in my hand) and hurting my hand on the wall. I am constantly dreaming, so wonder if this is several disorders or one big disorder? Is there anything that can be done about changing the way you sleep?

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