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Increasing naps/moving bedtime forward?

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CloverCarr Mon 22-Aug-11 09:51:46

I'm looking for thoughts, please, together with stories of success (hopefully!)

DS is 10 months, and is setting records even in a family of bad sleepers.

He has one decent stretch of sleep in his cot from 8-ish. It can be anything from 2 to 6 hours, usually the former. After that, i bring him into bed as the path of least resistance, but there's precious little sleep on either side. He is awake for the day from 5.30 am.

Naps vary dramatically in length, but at present are taken in his pram in a quiet room. Usually one early morning and one after lunch.

Attempts at self-settling result in instant hysteria, and am not brave enough ready to do full on cc yet. Usual complications of teeth, developmental stuff apply, although his sleep's been awful from very early.

He is in a perma-grump, which I think is largely due to tiredness, and I'm shattered too, so other DCs are suffering.

I've read people mentioning very early bedtimes as a potential solution, and would be very grateful for any feedback. Thank you!

CloverCarr Mon 22-Aug-11 09:55:40

Doh, meant to say-my main fear is of it backfiring (so even less night sleep and/or earlier mornings)

CloverCarr Tue 23-Aug-11 08:27:09


Teleaddict Wed 24-Aug-11 06:09:06

Hi, I've always found that when my dd is over tired an early bedtime works wonders! When she was 10 months her bed time was 6pm to 6.30pm, any later and she was an over tired mess. It may be worth bringing bed time forward to see if it has any effect on his overall sleep? It may take a few days to start having any positive impact but really doubt it will back fire. With my dd the more she sleeps then the better she sleeps, if that makes sense?! Good luck

CloverCarr Fri 26-Aug-11 08:40:31

Thanks for your reply.

We've tried putting him to bed earlier, and although his night sleep hasn't been better as such, it's no worse. He's ended up with an extra hour sleep overall, and is less grumpy, so it works for us.

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