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Help! Naps getting worse not better!

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Moulesfrites Fri 19-Aug-11 19:51:55

I have posted before about my ds' inability to nap for longer than 30 mins. I was told that as long as he was well rested it wasn't a problem and that longer naps would come in time. He is now 7 months. He still needs help getting to sleep - he will fall asleep in the pushchair, car, or in his cot but only with some white noise (I dry my hair while he has his am nap). He is ebf and I feed him to sleep at night, which I am ok with.

However, the napping situation is bothering me. He was having about 3 short naps a day. He is up at about 7 and then naps at about 9.30/10 am, then after lunch at about 1 and then about 3/4, bedtime is 6.30. I went through a stage where if I shushed/rocked etc when he woke up after 40 mins he would go back off, sometimes for up to another hour! However, now he has stopped doing this and wakes up after 30 mins without fail. Today I went for a long walk at 1 with him in the pushchair and was convinced that he would sleep for ages, but no, wide awake after 30 mins again.

This wouldn't be a problem, but the 3rd nap is always a battle - I feel that he needs it, otherwise he is tired and whiny when we try to give him his tea at 5, which is a nightmare, but at 3.30 he just doesn;t seem tired enough for it, but much later than this and he will not be tired at bedtime - aaragh! I think if I could get him to extend the lunchtime nap it would be fine but I don't know how to go about doing this.

Night time sleep is another matter - wakes up 2/3 times a night but is teething atm so am inclined to put up with it for now!

Any advice much appreciated!

debka Fri 19-Aug-11 20:04:45

I read on here that a 30min nap indicates overtiredness. I know it does with my DD. She is a bit younger than your DS- 6mo- but can only manage 1hr 45mins awake. If we go over 2 hours she gets overtired.

Can you try and get him down a bit sooner?

Moulesfrites Fri 19-Aug-11 20:14:38

Thanks, Yes, could try - for some reason I thought I should be getting him to go for longer in between now that he is a bit older - so confusing!

rumcrumble Sat 20-Aug-11 10:36:32

Haven't got much advice but just wanted to know you're not alone. Ds is 9 months and on 3 x 30min naps around the same times and the last nap is always the hardest - can't leave it too late but also can't nap if its too early. And he will only sleep in car or buggy - I gave up on the cot months ago. He's always resisted sleep in the day but thank god is ok at night.

I've given up worrying. I just do a day at a time and if he's grotty at tea time I stick the tv on and hope for more success tomorrow. It's ups and downs but it won't last for ever.

Not very helpful really, sorry. But if you find a way that works for you and ds, stick with it and don't worry about what he 'should' be doing!

Moulesfrites Sun 21-Aug-11 19:43:19

ok thank you, is good to know I am not the only one!

It is actually easier when I am out and about as I can sort of plan it so that he has 3 good spells in the car seat or pushchair, but if I'm in the house all day it is such a battle.

On the plus side, but a completely different issue, he was wide awake even after his bedtime bf tonight so I just put him down in his cot awake - went in five minutes later and he was fast asleep, no whining or anything!

l1nz Mon 22-Aug-11 19:05:38

I've just read your post and thought you were talking about my little darling! She is only 5 months and always used to sleep really well during the day even if we were at home, but now fights it so hard I end up giving in and taking her out in the buggy. As a result, she is shattered most of the day and totally miserable by bed time meaning she often doesn't eat her dinner at 5pm and today I had to just put her to bed at 5.20pm as didn't know what else to do!!!
Interesting that sleeping for 30mins can be a sign of overtiredness. I think I'm expecting her to be awake more than she is able especially first thing in the morning. She used to be like clockwork, going down 2hours after waking but now I find myself waiting for a yawn and not seeing it! Maybe i need to be a bit more "Gina" about things and put her down whether she seems tired or not.
Any thoughts gratefully received.

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