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Success on getting co-sleeping, BF 14 month old in cot for most of night

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rockandrose Fri 19-Aug-11 19:22:04

Hiya, these boards have been so helpful to me that I wanted to share the success we have had moving our DS from our bed into his cot. He was originally being BF alseep, put in his cot and waking an hour later when he would come into our bed and then BF all night (yawn). His bedtime was around 8.30pm and he would resist anything earlier. So what we decided to do was only let him nap once in the day, bring bath forward to 6pm, upstairs at 6.20pmish, BF until he is full, then while still awake into his cot, the first night he screamed for 2 hours whilst I sat next to him, humming and stroking his back, now on night 5 he took 25mins to settle. The biggest change is that he is sleeping 7pmish to 3amish each night, so not yet a 12 hour sleeper but considering what we came from a huge difference. Anyway I hope that helps or gives someone hope....

MrsHoolie Fri 19-Aug-11 21:43:17

Hi. Sounds like your DS is well on the way to sleeping all night long.
I'm sure your post will help others too. You must feel like a new woman grin

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