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8 wk old morning naps a struggle

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Edie78 Thu 18-Aug-11 12:09:20

My 8 wk old ds seems to struggle to nap in the mornings meaning that he can sometimes be awake from 730 to early afternoon having had just a few post-feed dozes. He seems overtired when this happens and the only solution is often to bung him in the pram and head out. I try feeding him to sleep, rocking and putting him down in his cot when he starts to yawn. These things work in afternoon and evening but not in morning.

Is his lack of morning sleep a problem? Is he too young to worry about this sort of thing? Any advice to make mornings more pleasant?!

He'll generally sleep for 2-3 hrs in afternoon and 10-11 hours with 2/3 feeds overnight.


RitaMorgan Thu 18-Aug-11 12:13:56

Take him out for a walk in the sling/pram in the morning - or have you tried taking him to bed with you for a nap? I loved doing that when ds was little!

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