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Help! One year old sleep issues

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Whyriskit Wed 17-Aug-11 10:02:24

DS2 is one on Friday. He's breastfed most of the time but takes a bottle when he's at nursery for the 2 days a week I'm at work.
Since he's started at nursery (about 2 months ago), he's started waking regularly in the night to feed. He'd only just started sleeping through and I was aware he probably wasn't taking much milk at nursery so that was fine.
However for the past week he just won't settle again after his feed, but just screams and screams. He's always been brilliant at self settling and is put to bed awake but everything seems to be going wrong.
We did CC with his older brother and have started doing it with him, but it's still taking a couple of hours for him to go back to sleep, and of course, the disturbance is waking DS1. So we're all grumpy - help!

Hi, you have my sympathies as my DD3 (one on the 29th) still has a night time feed and has done for 6 months now, it's driving me insane! We did CC with DD1 and DD2 but as you say it's harder when you don't want to wake up the others. Have you tried the baby whisperer pick up put down method? We tried it with DD3 on the advice of a very experience maternity nurse/ sleep consultant, and it's been wonderful for us, I'm a total convert! Very little crying and much more sleep all round!
Another thought, could it be his first molars coming through? Mine tend to get theirs around 12-13 months, and when DD1 got hers at 13 months I honestly thought the world would end she was just like a totally different baby for a fortnight, waking all times of the night, until I took her to the doctor for a check up and he found a massive tooth at the back of her mouth! We now use amber teething necklaces and anklets for teething pain, they're amazing too.
Hope this helps!

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