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jet lag/sleep in 15 week old - help!!!

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WeesaD Wed 17-Aug-11 01:26:16

DD2 (15 weeks) was a perfect sleeper until we went to the US – she slept in her crib next to the bed from 10pm-7/8am every night.

We went to the US 10 days ago and she started waking in the night. I got her on US time as quickly as possible and by the end of 10 days she definitely was, but was co-sleeping with me as there was no cot, and waking at least once a night for a feed.
She now goes no longer than 4-5 hours and seems hungry.
We came home yesterday.

What do I do? Feed her? Co-sleep? Try and cuddle her back to sleep? (tried it but it doesn’t seem to last long).

I almost wish we hadn’t gone as I feel I’ve ‘ruined’ my perfect sleeper. What do I do???????sad


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