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What time do you put your LO to bed?

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booberella Tue 16-Aug-11 07:34:06

Just looking for some advice- my LO is 7 weeks old and currently we start her bedtime routine at 10pm, just so DH can spend some time with her as he doesn't get back from work. She's usually asleep by 11, on a good night will wake for a feed 4-5am then awake at 6-7, but then will usually have a nap after this till around 9.
Lately she's been very grizzly in the evenings from about 8 so I'm wondering if her bedtime is too late. However- if I make it earlier I'm worried that she'll just wake up at 4am and not want to go back to sleep! Should I try and put her down earlier but still give her the last feed at around half 10 as a dream feed? What time do you put your LO to sleep?

Janeymax Tue 16-Aug-11 07:45:46

My dd is also 7 weeks. She is really in predictable in the evening and I start trying to put her down from about 8, but the time she goes can be anywhere from9 to midnight! Our first was more predictable and she went down at 9 also so DP could see her - it worked really well for us and just meant that she slept in longer when she started sleeping through. If she is tired you could always try putting her straight back down at 6-7 in the morning instead of getting her up. Any time from now she might start sleeping 7 or even 10 hours at night- I'm not convinced that dream feeds avoid an early feed. Good luck

Janeymax Tue 16-Aug-11 07:48:54

Also, if your little one is going down at 10pm, I presume she is having her last nap around 7 or even 8 ? It may be that she just needs another late nap.

booberella Tue 16-Aug-11 13:16:07

Hi Janeymax, she doesn't really have any routine so she may have a nap right before bedtime, or 3 hours before if she's cranky and refuses to go to sleep! I'm considering trying some sort of routine but it would be mainly baby led so not sure how successful it would be! I might try moving bed time nearer 9 and see what happens.
thanks for the advice smile

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