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5 month old screams when my husband puts her to bed.

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BeanInMyBelly Mon 15-Aug-11 19:43:30

Our dd is 5 months old, and goes to sleep at about half 7, usually sleeping through. Bedtime routine is gentle play in bedroom, bath, massage, bottle. She is fine when i give her her bottle, but when my husband tries to she starts screaming as soon as I leave the room. We thought maybe it was because I was getting her ready for bed then he was doing the last bit, but even if he does it all she does the same. Literally screams and screams for about 40 minutes before conking out without having any milk. It is really getting to my DH. She is fine with him during the day, happy and content, it is literally just the evening feed. He was on a lot of courses for the first few months of her little life, but plenty of other people like my mum and his mum put her to bed aswell, so it isn't like it was just me. Although it was just me and her during the day for a lot of the time. When he wasn't on courses, and now he's back, we usually pretty much take it in turns. She's been doing this for a couple of weeks now, and also did it to my mum about a month ago. Any ideas how to crack her! smile xo

discrete Mon 15-Aug-11 19:47:29

Oh, poor little thing. Can't you stay in the room with them until she's OK with you leaving? It's only a matter of 5 minutes or so isn't it?

BeanInMyBelly Mon 15-Aug-11 19:51:51

Hey discrete - nope afraid not, she screams when ever i leave, 5 mins or 20. In fact, even if i sit next to them while DH is feeding her she screams!! It seems a bit pointless for both of us to sit there listening to her scream, and i'm guessing that if i keep giving in and taking over (which i don't always do i just feel quite sorry for the DH so end up going up to offer assistance) then she will just get worse/or i'll never be able to go out on an evening! sad xo

Ivortheengine8 Mon 15-Aug-11 19:57:39

I think they go through phases of having preferances for different things. Mine is quite a lot older (nearly 2) but she refuses to let me clean her teeth but allows DH to whenever he wants. Maybe you are more in control than your husband is when putting her to bed?
Babies pick up on so many things and maybe she thinks she can get around him more than you?
I am pretty sure she will grow out of it.
I know people will disagree and say she is just a baby but they know how to wrap you around their little fingers from very early on grin

discrete Mon 15-Aug-11 19:58:21

It may be just some separation anxiety. I'd give in I'm afraid, I believe that satisfying a need is the best way of getting rid of it in the long run.

5 months old is still really tiny. envy at her sleeping through....

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