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14mth old wants to be read to/ play for hours before bed...

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cauliflowerears Mon 15-Aug-11 13:30:17

Our DD has recently fallen in love with books and reading which is great and we are keen to encourage this. However, it has made bedtime a real battle for the last week or so as she will point at her books and scream hysterically for another story for what seems like an indefinite period of time. Twice this week it has taken us over two hours to actually get her to drink her milk and settle down to sleep. My husband got so annoyed with her last night that he just put her in her cot and let her cry for a while before heading back up to her; when she still wanted stories he read to her for a bit before getting frustrated again (apparently she just wanted to 'play' with the books) and asking me to take over. I read half a story to her and managed to get her to take her milk before she started sucking her thumb and curling up on my lap in the way she does when she's ready to sleep. Took around 90minutes to get her into bed.

SO.... other than remove all the books from her room so they don't distract her (my husband's preferred solution) does anyone have any ideas that may help with this? We do a lot of reading during the day and don't mind reading a couple of stories again while she settles down and has her milk but it's getting out of hand at the moment and she obviously doesn't understand when we say things like '15mins of reading' or '3 stories then sleepytime'.

If it helps then her bedtime routine is: stories downstairs on the sofa (often about 30mins), bath, in the night garden, milk & (now but only recently!) more stories upstairs in her (dimly lit!) room, bed. This has worked really well for us previously, just the last bit is going wrong at the moment.

Sorry that this is so long, hope someone is able to offer some advice. Thanks in advance... smile

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