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how long did it take your toddler to learn to sleep in a real bed?

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Kveta Mon 15-Aug-11 11:19:31

we took one side off the cot bed on saturday, and so far, so good - DS (22 months) has gone from a 2-3 hour scream and vomit-athon (he would make himself sick, even when we were in the room with him, sometimes even when we were holding his hand) to a 20-30 minute lie down and nod off (whilst one of us sits in a chair in the door way). and he has slept through both nights too! this is actually unheard of, so we are VERY pleased!

however, both nights, when we go to check on him before we go to bed, he has been sleeping on the floor. 1st night, flat on his back in the doorway confused (I nearly trod on him!), 2nd night, under the cotbed, with just his head peeking out the side grin. luckily, he stayed asleep when being replaced in his bed, but I was just wondering how long he is likely to do this, and would a guard rail help?

sorry, this is slightly ponderous musing...

Iggly Mon 15-Aug-11 20:19:45

grin at your DS being under the bed!

With DS we put him in a bed two weeks ago and first night he fell out many times and got very upset each time despite the bed being very low.. So got him some foam bed guards as he moves so much. Not planning to take them away until he's less mobile in his sleep. So will be interested to hear how long it does take!

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