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Can seperation anxiety affect a babies sleep at night?

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janski31 Sat 13-Aug-11 18:37:05

Not sure whats going on with my dd she is almost 8 months old and was fantastic at night until nearly 2 weeks ago, not sure what has happened she keeps waking up crying wont settle, have tried everything have had her to the docs he said she looked fine.

Up until 2 weeks ago she would go in her cot at bed time self settle and we wouldnt hear a peep out of her till the morning, now first of all I thought it was teething but she doesnt have a temp or red cheeks sore bum etc so now am thinking is it to do with seperation anxiety? And does it pass? She has never really slept in the day but it never has affected her night time sleep before.

Please help am so confused, thanks in advance.

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