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any ideas how to get ds to sleep past 5.30

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griphook Sat 13-Aug-11 00:00:47

he is 16 months old, used to wake at 4.30 EVERY morning and now it's 5.30. The thing is I think that he is still tired as he will wake for an hour and then can go back to sleep for anthor 2/3 hours. But at 5.30 he is wide awake.

i think half the problem is that he is such a fiddgit and wakes himself up banging around in the cot. some times he sleep in bed with me and he managed to wiggle from next to head a whole 90 degress, but also at the bottom of the bed by my feet.

Any ideas would be great, other than glue i'm stuck

thenightsky Sat 13-Aug-11 00:05:56

Hmm... i had this with DS too... in with me and he could wiggle right down to me feet.
I need to think back a long way as mine are now aged 24 and 19 (eek) but i used to wake em up at 11pm (0r whenever I was close to my own bedtime) and feed them warm milk or something. That seemed to allow them to sleep through till about 7 or 8am.

pinkteddy Sat 13-Aug-11 00:12:44

Is the room dark - it gets light very early now? If you can't get a blackout blind you could try hanging a towel or a blanket over the curtain rail to darken the room. Other than that, I think its perseverance, on no account get up with him, just keep insisting that its still night time, don't raise your voice, just ssh, its night-time, go back to sleep. It will work eventually! Also does he still have a day time nap?

OnEdge Sat 13-Aug-11 00:15:06

My DD is 12 months, I put a huge thick throw over her whole cot. I placed a small surf board across the top of the cot, with the throw over it. This held it out at the sides, and allowed the air to circulate.

I was really desperate and was trying anything. It worked, it kept both the light and the noise out of her cot, I got an extra 3 hours sleep on the first night because she slept in until 8.

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