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1-year-old waking early

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Maria101 Thu 11-Aug-11 10:47:57

My 14-month-old daughter normally goes to bed at 7pm, wakes at 7/7.30am and has two naps in the day (about 1-2 hours each, a total of 3 hours usually). For the last week, she's been waking at 6am. It's exhausting for us, but what's worse is she's grouchy all morning and rubs her eyes from 8am onwards! We have blackout blinds in her room, so it's not the sun waking her (she was fine all summer). I'm not sure why this is happening...any tips or advice? Should I cut her daytime naps? Though to be honest, she's even worse at sleeping when she doesn't have proper daytime naps.

babytum1 Thu 11-Aug-11 11:02:00

This post could be me! Have exactly the same situation with 14 month DS, same nap times, black out blinds, good sleeper except for early wake up. Except he can wake anytime from 5:30! Exhausting. He now has to go down for his morning nap at 9am as he's so tired. I thought about cutting a nap, would ideally like him to have a good 2hr nap straight after lunch instead of mid morning and mid aft, but there's no way I could keep him going until then! Would love some advice!

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