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29 month old and night time tantrums/nightmares been going on for 6 weeks!

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Ellora Wed 10-Aug-11 22:48:22

my son started these after months of good sleep a week before we came to stay with my mum for the summer in London (live abroad come over to escape the heat). They started probably 4 months ago really but it stopped but has now been every night for about 6 weeks! He can kick of anytime during the night and screams and hits the cot bed so hard with his legs I worry he'll break it! It usually lasts an hour on bad nights as long as 3 but is happy as larry in the day, great eater and good nap of 2 hrs on average in the day. The naps have become less often though and because some days he just chatted in his cot bed for hours I presumed he didn't need them however he still gets downtime because they say overtiredness creates problems at night! I rarely go in because if I do he wants to get out of bed sleep in mine or simply wants me carry him out the bed! If I comfort him he gets even more hysterical if I leave and then we have longer hours of no sleep that does him no good! He seems terrified but he cannot speak well enough for me understand him enough yet to discuss it and understand what's happening! They don't seem like night terrors because he is conscious and just wants me to get him out if bed but nightmares for 6 weeks seems extreme! I want to be consistent in how I handle night wakes but am just not sure how to! Any help really welcome!!!!!

wonkylegs Wed 10-Aug-11 23:05:34

It sounds like night terrors to me DS suffered from them really badly between 1 and 2 and often seemed like he was conscious. They settled down on their own and now he just has them infrequently. We sought a lot of help over the issue as he was quite young to get them but i was assured that although rare so young there are exceptions. Despite all the help i only came away with : There is nothing you can do about them except make sure they are safe and try to avoid triggers such as overtiredness. If he won't nap in the day try some quiet time instead. Honestly they are far worse on the parents than the child, I was traumatised all night, he rarely was even aware of it.
If you are worried about him bashing against the cot and injuring himself move him to the floor or the middle of your double bed with pillows all around. Watch him but other wise just ride it out.
Sorry I can't be more help

Ellora Wed 10-Aug-11 23:10:39

Thanks just nice to hear I'm doing all I can! Just feel so helpless and he seems so traumatised and then just chats away in his cot in the mornings like all fine!
As we speak he has done something have never heard him do! He screamed for 10 minutes I went in soothed him with a wet flannel, he screamed another 10 and now his chatting to himself happy as larry! Wet flannel came from Internet suggestion as wakes him up a bit more out of this night terror!!

Had in laws and parents stay and they just cannot believe how violent he sounds and that night terrors is all it can be!
Thanks feedback much appreciated!

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