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Nice night nanny agencies?

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dycey Tue 09-Aug-11 16:29:48

I have a newborn and kind PILs have offered some cash for a night nanny for a few nights. I am breastfeeding and want to feed on demand but could do with a night of more sleep and less nappy changing / settling after feeds. Anaemic from the labour and have a sick toddler - but only want help if it can be v sympathetic.... I mean someone who just brings me baby to feed and helps her sleep.... No crying, no routine, no interference or guidance!

I might sound a bit annoying but am pretty tired!

Can anyone recommend a breastfeeding suitable night nanny agency?

dycey Tue 09-Aug-11 16:30:43

O I should add am in London!

MaitreKarlsson Thu 11-Aug-11 08:10:34

Hi Dycey,

I used a woman a couple of years back who was a godsend. She now has her own agency & vets everyone very carefully before they go on her books. Chec out Deearna's Maternity Nurses. It's got good reviews online and I'm sure if you can speak to Deearna herself she will be able to help. At one point I also used Night Nannies but the girls they sent were a bit of a mixed bag. Very capable but tended to have a bit of attitude! In the end they sent a great girl but it took a while. Good luck!

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