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I'm so pissed off with myself!

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Mummystootired Tue 09-Aug-11 05:48:08

What is wrong with me? Yesterday my brain decided it was time to get up at 5.30am. so I did. Dc decide yesterday to stay asleep till 8.00am.
Now this morning I wanted to stay asleep like dc did yesterday.(was hoping they would stay asleep till 8.00am like yesterday) But no, at 5.00am dd age 2 starts screaming and crying "mummy where are you, I need you" and won't go back to sleep. So I am now up with dd. Not her fault I know as she is only two and doesn't like being on her own.
Why can't I stay asleep on the mornings when dc do? sad
I feel so fed up!
I know some of you are struggling on less sleep so I appreciate you might not have much sympathy but we have already been there and done that and are now starting to get more sensible amounts of sleep.

TheFrozenMBJ Tue 09-Aug-11 06:03:10

Why don't you take her to bed with you and doze?

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